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Windows recovery infection on Firefox 4

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My computer running Windows SP3 with latest fixes was infected by the "windows recovery" malware when browsing with Firefox 4 . I had the free/nonresident version of SuperAntispyware running prior to purchasing the full version today .

I was able to remove it with SuperAntispyware , Avast and other malware programs, but when starting Firefox 4 after cleaning the computer , the computer displays the standard windows error message " Firefox.exe has encountered a problem and must be closed" and a window proposing to send the error report or not is displayed .

Firefox runs ok if the second window is left unanswered but closes as soon as an option is choosed (send/don't send).

I tried to rename firefox.exe into another name and Firefox starts OK without the error message being triggered .

Any help/suggestion how to fix this would be welcome.

I scanned my computer at boot time with avast, and in safe and normal mode with Superantispyware, antimalwarebytes, spybot, ccleaner and no malwares, virus etc are reported any longer but the firefox startup problem is there.

Thanks in advance, Pierre W

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