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Uses too much of ram..

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SAS professional uses 43 MB of RAM! Why?

Kaspersky only uses 9 MB, what is sooo special in SAS that makes it use 43 MB?!?!

If it is because of the virus definition then the Virus definition file format should be change from .dll to any other file format.

Also increment update facility should also be available. :)

Kaspersky likely uses more than 9MB of ram - you don't see the numbers in the task manager as some of it's ram is in Kernel memory space and this is not reported in the task manager - this is typical of other products as well.

Windows manages the memory and swaps out the memory as need so even if we use 43MB (or less or more) it really has no impact on your system performance.

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I've installed SAS Pro dozens of times on various computers. There is no performance degradation.

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