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fake windows security alert

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On a public network my Asus netbook was attacked by one of the fake windows security alert. It happened twice. Both times I was logged into Yahoo. Once I was opening an email from a known sender. The second time reading a news item. The operating system is Windows 7 starter. Windows firewall and defender was in operation although I have reason to believe that Defender was turned off by the invader.

On a tab, it said windows security.

And, in a dialog box, the alert said

"Message from webpage, Windows security has found critical process activity on your system and will perform fast a scan of system files."

Then the famous windows opened showing the search for malware and objects detected in red. That is what made me think it was bogus.

So, I downloaded SASW free edition to a thumb drive and ran scans while in safe mode. However, nothing has been detected that has been identified as a virus or trojan. The computer is operating. The security alert has not repeated.

Does this mean, 1.) it was real

2.) it has been defeated

3.) It is still lurking or has taken over.

I have run numberous scans since the last attack with 3 virus programs including a copy of SASW PRO which I purchased. The only things that have been reported is many versions of ADWARE and CoOKIES plus one MALWARE TRACE which I posted in another post for positive identification.

I also ran Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool.

What should I have found. What should I be looking for. What else should I do. My understanding is that, if it was the faker, when you see it, you are already infected. Or, do you think it got stopped before damage done. Just trying to figure out if I am through with this issue or ......


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Hello, I will help you remove the fake threats:

Please also download OTL from here.

* Save it to your desktop.

* Double click on the icon on your desktop.

* Click the "Scan All Users" checkbox.

* Push the "Run Scan" button.

* The scan should take just a few minutes.

* Two reports will open (OTL.txt and Extra.txt).

Post both OTL logs. Post each log in separate post.

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