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It's inlvoling scareware, this klc.exe file.

None of my excecutables work except for steam now. Somehow I got IE working through typing in a web adress from Windows Explorer.

Command prompt still can ping websites.

But none of my .exe's work anymore. The current issue is that when I try to open them, from their program folder or from a shortcut, the 'open with' window opens up.

I'm just going to reformat probably, but I'm just curious to hear what you all have to say on the matter.

Any input is appreciated; and if a solution WITHOUT reformatting is possible, I'm all ears.

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Welcome to the SAS forum.

I've experienced that numerous times with certain malware. Ignore the "Clean & Repair Windows" ad in the following links:

Here's the Vista fix:


Here's the Windows 7 fix:


Great Fix Seth!

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