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Windows Tool VIRUS

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Hey guys I need your help,

I've somehow managed to pick up the windows tool malware virus,

I've pretty much gone through every process on the internet to try and get rid of it.

Although my version seems to be a new breed where its almost impossible to get rid of.

It seems to reinstall itself on shutdown and even starts up in safemode.

Malware bytes finds the main .exe and superantispyware finds a fair amount of stuff, it

goes through the process of deleting them and when you restart its as if nothing has

been deleted.

I have a program that shuts down all non nessasry processes which has helped but i'm still getting

the program reinstalling itself everytime i restart.

Any suggestions I'm running windows 7??

Oh and i've also scanned and deleted it using both malwarebytes and superantispyware then using ccleaner

wiped all the empty space on my harddrive jaut incase it was hidden there but t ono avail.

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Welcome to the SAS forum.

Please post your latest scan so we can see what exactly is being detected.

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