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SAP startup update needs admin rights??

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When I first boot to win 7 x64 and log in to the admin account, I get a message box saying there are updates for SAP. I click on update and I get a pop-up saying "the update must be done from a account with Administrator privileges"

Of cause, I can open the whole program and download the updates manually, but how to get the start-up to work?


ps great program!! Stops lot of bad stuff!!

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I assume that you mean SAS, not SAP

Try this:

1. Go to the link below and download the SAS Uninstaller Assistant (64-bit version). Save it on your desktop.


2. Exit/close down SAS completely.

3. Now run the SAS Uninstaller Assistant. It will uninstall SAS and reboot your computer.

4. Go to the link below. Download and install the latest SAS V4.49.1000.


5. Set up your preferences again.

Does this fresh install resolve the problem?

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Thanks for that.

I did all that and after all the reboots, I waited a few days, then rebooted again, hoping that definition update wold available. After the reboot, I got the same message when i clicked on the little update box.

What's the next step in trying to fix this little bug?

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