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Can't Remove Malware-Hoax XP Security 2011

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I have the FREE Addition of the SUPERAntiSpyware and the system recognized I am infected with the HOAX/FAKE Maleware Called, "XP Security 2011"

SUPERAntiSpyware recognizes these files as:



Trojan.Agent/Gen-FakeAlert (Stream)

After running your software it said I had to reboot in order to finish cleaning. Even after the reboot SUPERAntiSpyware continues to detect these same files. So I rebooted in the safe mode and ran again. Files still present.

I know enough to recognize that the FAKE "XP Security 2011" was popping up when a file called "chn.exe" started to run. (Which is occurs anytime I tried to go to the internet or reappears about 5 minutes after I shutoff file through Task Manager. So I went into my hijackthis program and the registry to remove all files associated with "chn.exe" so that the FAKE "XP Security 2011" would at least stop running.

But the SUPERAntiSpyware stills says I'm infected with the above items and won't clean... Can anyone suggest on how I can get rid of this Malware. NOTE: the Windows Secuirty Alerts now appears on the bottom righthand side of my screen, but it's fake because I went into the main control panel to view system information & it's fine. Any help would truly be appreciated. Thank you.

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Welcome to the SAS forum DCSA.

Be sure SAS is updated by right clicking on its tray icon and choosing "Check For Updates". Current numbers for SAS which can be found on the home site are V4.49.1000, Core 6576, Trace 4388.

If the issues persist after addressing the above, then please post the latest scan log for review.

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