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Explorer Context Menu Scanning

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I have a question regarding the Windows Explorer context menu (right-click) scanning option:

Whenever I right-click on a file or folder to run an "on demand" scan from the context menu SAS almost always completes the scan in one or two seconds and reports that two items were scanned. It never seems to vary regardless of the size of the file scanned. Scanning the same file or folder with Avira AntiVir Personal and/or MBAM will most often report numerous files scanned.

I am just wondering if my SUPERAntiSpyware Professional is working properly. The quickness of the scan and the identical reports has me wondering. Has anyone else experienced this behavior? Is there any way of testing this?

I am running SUPERAntiSpyware Professional version 4.44.1000 with LIFETIME Subscription on a Gateway notebook with AMD 64 AthlonX2, Windows 7 Professional SP1 32 bit.

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First of all, you should update to the latest version of SAS which is V4.49.1000. You can do this by:

1. Right click on the SAS icon in the Notification Tray and select "Check for Updates"

2. When the blue/white popup appears next to the task bar, select the option to download/update the new version and let it do so.

Note: The "Check for Updates" on the main GUI of SAS only checks for new definitions, not for program updates. It is best to use the right click option of the icon as described above so that you maintain the latest version of SAS.

Concerning your right click scan question:

1. SAS does not unzip .ZIP or .RAR or .Cab files at the present time. So if you are trying to scan one of these types of files, it will only show 1 or 2 files.

2. Right click scanning does use the options that you have selected under Preferences>Scanning Control. So if you have "Scan only known files types (.exe, .com, .dll, etc.), right click scanning will skip "unknown" types of files. Also if you have the first two "Ignore" options selected, it will ignore those files as well.

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