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I have heard much praise of SAS and want to start using the Pro version, but realize there is a new version 5 coming out soon so I am inclined to wait for it.

I am wondering about an estimated date for the final release of version 5.

Is there a way that I can put my name on a mailing list for notification of the final release of v. 5?

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I am still hoping for answers to my questions.


There is no official published target date for the final release of V5.0. It has not yet entered the Pre-Release testing phase, but I suspect that it will in the very near future. The final release date depends on what is discovered during the pre-release testing by various SAS users doing the testing. Keep in mind that there are thousands and thousands of hardware/software configurations that worldwide users have; therefore, some totally unanticipated bugs may crop up during the pre-release testing that will slow down the final release. I suspect that the final release will come out 2-3 months after pre-release testing starts...maybe earlier, maybe later. :wink:

There is no official mailing list that you can be added to for alerting you that V5 is released. The best thing to do is just keep on eye on the www.superantispyware.com home page which shows the current public release version of SAS.

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I just found this post on Wilder's from Nick re the upcoming release of v. 5:


Originally Posted by greyowl

I just learned from a rep on the SAS forum that the final release of v.5 will be in 2 to 3 months from now.

Who said that? Certainly not any member of SUPERAntiSpyware - we are just finalizing the new updater that reduces the update time on product updates drastically and then we'll drop full pre-release (worldwide) then the product will be released - we are on the home stretch now


Nick Skrepetos



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Nick is stating when the "pre-release" is coming...not when the final public release of V5.0 is going to be available (which was your original question). As I tried to explain, the final public non "pre-release" depends on what happens during the testing of the "pre-release". And I did say "maybe earlier, maybe later" following that explanation.

Users keep asking the question "when will the final release be available". There is post after post on the forums asking this same question. And Nick has typically responded that the final release will be available when "it is ready". That means that the final non "pre-release" version will be released to the 35+ million SAS users when the SAS team is satisfied that program is performing reliably enough to release to the masses of SAS users. Will that take one day, one week, one month after pre-release testing starts...who knows until the users start testing and reporting back their findings.

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