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Unable to Update program (Administrator permissions problem?)

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I have a new computer running windows 7 64 bit and have been getting a notification about Superantispyware program updates and when I agree to download and and install I get a screen saying "Unable to action without Administrator rights" (or something similar to that message?). I am the only user and appear to have full Administrator permissions to my account. Do you know why I can't action the updates please. Is it something I need to change in Superantispyware settings ...or within my Windows settings?

Thank you for any advice or help.

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Please do the following:

1) Right click on the SAS "bug" icon in the Notification Area and choose "Exit".

2) Navigate to the SAS folder from your program list.

3) Open the folder, right click on "Superantispyware Pro/Free" and choose "Run As Administrator".

You should be able to update now.

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