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Trojan /Gen-BanLoad

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Hi all,

New user of SuperAntiSpyware here. Don't know very much about computers.

Just loaded SAS on my 2 computers (Laptop Vista 64 Bit & PC Win 7 64 bit) SAS runs fine on the laptop but on the PC it keeps crashing!!!

Specifically it reports detecting Trojan.Agent/Gen-BanLoad.

The "Trojan" appears to be located in

C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Microsoft\TemporaryInternetFiles\Low\Content.IE5\... \Firefox%20Setup%203.6.13[3].exe

As soon as the "Trojan" appears, a message pops up "SuperAntiSpyware has encountered an unexpected error" It then requests whether I want to send an error report. If I opt to send a report SAS then shuts down. If I don't, the programme wont let me complete the scan. So either way I can't finish the scan.

Along with the "Trojan", SAS also discovered a tracking cookie. The cookie appeared in the items detected window before the "Trojan" but it did not prompt an error message; so what I did was, as soon as the cookie appeared I pressed the "next" button. That allowed me to interrupt the scan and move the cookie to quarantine without completing the scan.

I thought I might be able to deal with the "Trojan" in a similar way, but as described above, once it appears, the program stops functioning properly. Despite pressing the "next" button I can't move the "Trojan" to quarantine or do anything.

The fact that it looks like the "Trojan" is forcing SAS to close makes me think it is a real infection?

Is it a real threat item, if so how do I remove it? BTW my Antivirus (Antivir free) doesn't seem to detect it at all!!

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