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Slow Scan causeing System lag

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Good Day Everyone.

This is my first day using SAS. I been moving away from it for all it's bad reviews. I decided to give it a try in one of my test and it detected 2 Trojans MBAM did not. I was very pleased. I decided to take a second scan for speed after restart and after I removed all my test samples but the scan seemed kinda slower than the previous scan and dragged my system with it. There was no malware and the only other real time protection I had on was "Panda Cloud Antivirus Free" I already did my standardized practice for slow scan problems and after a fresh reinstall it was all better. I was wondering what do you think may have caused the scan speed to decrease?

Good day!

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Welcome to the SAS forum Threat.

I don't know what "bad reviews" you're referring to, but keep in mind that many reviews are heavily biased toward the sites hosts/advertisers. Bottom line, SAS is highly recommended on every professional malware removal site that I've seen. Furthermore, the malware removers often get the poster to run SAS on their system.

As far as that system lag goes, I can't provide any further help as their are far too many unknown variables, as well as the subjective definition of "system lag".

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i know but it's so hard to resist. especially with all the comments they post.

By computer lag here is so far what i observed...

1-CPU was at 100%

2-SUPERAntiSpyware.exe using 52-86 on processes

3-first scan took 20:12 and second took 46:56

4-hard drive defragmented and cleaned before both scans.

5-had 0 malware on drive

6-running windows 7 ultimate 32-bit x86

thats all i know so far. if there is anything else you need tell me please :)


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