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Can't update - get error

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SUPERAntiSpyware won't update and says "Error" -- I decided to uninstall and reinstall and that didn't work either. I'm working out of the administrator mode, but there are places for three users on my computer: administrator, myself, and one other person. I don't know if something's attacking or not. I've had trouble with other "protection" programs recently and when I uninstalled and reinstalled, they would run fine. Something definitely is not right, but I have not been able to uncover it. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Download the Portable Scanner, reboot into SAFE MODE, and run a complete scan with Portable Scanner. Perhaps it will find/fix the problem.


Then boot back into Normal Mode and see if SAS updates okay. If not,

1. Download the Superantispyware Uninstaller Assistant and save it on your desktop.


2. Close down SAS completely

3. Run the Uninstaller Assistant. A reboot will be necessary as part of the uninstall.

4. Now re-install SAS V4.48.1000

5. Be sure that your firewall is not blocking Superantispyware.exe or SSUpdate.exe

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