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Ever since I began using Vista, I have been getting these annoying roll over pop ups. A word or phrase in the text of a website will be colored green and double underlined. When the mouse rolls over the underlined text, an add pops up from either Vantage or Vibrant. What's especially annoying is that many of these pop ups are touting Bing! You would think Microsoft would be trying to stop pop up rather than buying time on them.

After installing SUPERAntiSpyware, the Vantage pop ups were eliminated but it didn't find the Vibrant popups. An example of a web site that has these pop ups is http://www.strategypage.com/htmw/htseamo/articles/20110122.aspx

Is there some way to focus SUPERAntiSpyware to target a specific source of malware that it otherwise doen't find? Thanks.


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