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Problem updating lately

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Last few days and downloaded the latest version 4.48.1000 and every time I get the little window and click to download - it hangs and then I cancel and later up it pops and hangs and then again cancel and later up it pops and 3rd time lucky downloads but on reboot - the computer hangs and I have had to go to safe mode and restore several times. Thinking about it - SAS is always having to be advised not responding and end it on shut down too lately. Have tried repair but seriously not sure how it all works as have boot safe and various others.

Am I alone in this or is are others having problems?

currently I have downloaded the 4.48 version but not yet opened it and was thinking maybe would be better to uninstall the old version and then install the new one. Way to go? Any comments.

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1. Go to the link below and download the appropriate SAS Uninstaller Assistant. Save it on your desktop.


2. Close down SAS

3. Run the SAS Uninstaller Assistant to uninstall the previous version of SAS. A reboot is required.

4. Install SAS V4.48.1000.

5. Set up your preferences.

If the update problem continues with 4.48.1000, create a Customer Support Request and let the SAS gurus sort it out.


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