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Update actual date is not changing

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I am running Superantispyware pro on 4 systems. On one of them, the system is XP Home. It has a Lifetime Subscription installed on it. On all 4 systems, the information is as follows:

CORE 6161

TRACE 3973

VERS. 4.47.100

Date (as of today) 1/8/2011

HOWEVER.... On the system in question, the date is 12/16/2010. It shows that date for the latest update and for the date of last scan. If I do a manual update, it reports it is up to date, but the date remains 12/16/2010. Based on the CORE and TRACE numbers, it looks like it really is up to date. I don't understand why the actual date stopped changing.

Can anyone help or have any ideas?

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Hi Dragon,

That sounds really odd. Is your regular XP clock working? I know there was a time I used Mbam for a while and every time I updated it changed my clock. I had to manually fix it and it stopped after a while. Perhaps your clcok is off and SAS determines its update date off of XP's date?

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yeah, that was the first thing I looked at, but the date is correct and it changes. Really weird. I have put a trouble ticket in and hope someone responds soon. I ran a manual scan and the date reflects today's date as it should. I am going to try to do \manual update after a while to see that, it if updates, it changes the clock. Kind of like when I ran the manual scan.

I have no problem removing then re-installing, as long as I can make sure it accepts my lifetime subscription.

Any other ideas???? :)

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Try the manual update idea from the link below.


If this doesn't correct the issue, uninstall using the SAS Uninstaller Assistant from the link below and then re-install SAS PRO V4.47.1000


One of the two above should resolve the issue. :wink:

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