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adware/spyware database and search engine on the website

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Hi all,

A good idea would be to have an online resource of spyware/adware.

So that when SUPERAntiSpyware detects something, you can find out more about it.

Also adding a search tool on the site would be cool.

If these items are yet available, I haven't looked to closely , sorry ...

With my Panda anti-virussoftware there is a database on the website where you can see what virusses are around and find out more about them.

Also an "monitor" on the site would be cool, that way users will be able to see what spyware is is mostly found and where it's most active.

On the PandaSoftware website there is something similar.

I'm aware that virusses and spyware are totally different, but it's just a thought , though.

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