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New trojan

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Hi Blackdog,

Can you please send the file in a password protected zip to: samples (AT) superantispyware (DOT) com

Don't forget to send the password with the email.

Best regards,


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Virtually a high percentage of keygens and crackz now adays are malware droppers whether CWS(many flavours),Lop C2 or Z-lob's.

It is a crazy amount of files to which you will find no one product even covers a high percentage of them since some are polymorhs meaning each downloaded dropper will have a unique MD5 making it a new *file* when collected from the website servers.

IMO the important thing is whether SAS knows the payload when/as or after it has been deployed.

FWIW Cracksite,keygen and serials websites are my best source of malware bots alongside p2p networks(searching for known bad malware and then grepping OP's harddrive for new freinds;) ).

Please can you kill the link in your post because you don't want any less experience user's going there to become yet more victim's :cry:

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