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S.A.S. Pro real-time not working?

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First off, I have to thank S.A.S. for the free version. I use a few other programs and S.A.S. almost always catches spyware that the other ones miss.

I've found it useful enough that I upgraded to the Professional version.

My issue is this...

I have S.A.S. running and the real-time protection enabled.

After I have been online for a while I have run a scan, and S.A.S. has found spyware on my computer.

Isn't the real-time protection suppose to prevent the spyware from getting on the computer in the first place?

So far, the Professional version with real-time enabled is functioning just as the free version did: spyware gets on my computer while using the internet. And it gets detected and removed by S.A.S. only if I run a scan.

The settings are:

Real-Time Protection



-show alert window

(play sound not selected)

(first chance prevention not selected)

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Please post a scan log of what SAS detected.

If the detection is just tracking cookies, SAS realtime does not block tracking cookies because SAS does not consider tracking cookies malicious. It only detects and removes them when using the scanner.

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