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Update your Java and Flash Player: Critical Security Updates

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All users should ensure that their Adobe Flash Player and Sun/Oracle Java are up-to-date. There are critters in the wild that prey on computers running outdated Java and Flash Player.

To update Java to the latest version 1.6.0_22-b04, go to the link below. Be sure to remove older versions of Java if there are any older versions displayed in Control Panel>Programs and Features or Control Panel>Add and Remove Programs.


To verify that you have properly updated Java, go to the link below.


To update Adobe Flash Player V10.1.102.64, go to the link below.


To check which version of Flash Player you have on your system, go to the link below.


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I tell everyone I know to run Secunia PSI because it's just not possible for the non-geek to keep their browser secure otherwise.

The new (Beta) version automatically does Flash Player updates. Not sure about Java, I updated manually before I could find out if it was going to auto-update.

With the number of Flash, Java, etc. exploits these days, when people tell me "I don't know how I got it, I didn't click anything!" It's often true.

I'm trying to help a friend out now with some annoying malware (playing sounds randomly, 20/40 on VirusTotal, but of course it's all the commercial ones). Unfortunately SUPERAntiSpyware missed it. I submitted the file with SUPERSampleSubmit a few minutes ago though.

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