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Nasty popup screen in IE after every restart

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After a recent upgrade, after every restart SAS now opens IE and lanuches a promo page, so slowing up startup and, quite frankly, starting to behave a bit like spyware. This is obviously a new thing. Is there some way to turn off this unpleasant behaviour?

Also, are there any obvious advantages/disadvantages to wiping clean my installation and starting again with the 64 bit version, or should I leave it alone?

Many thanks in advance.


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Uninstall using the SAS Uninstaller Assistant and then reinstall the latest V4.45.1000

Uninstaller Assistant:


Download/install the latest version from the link below:


NOTE: The 64-bit version of SAS installs at C:\Program Files. If you have an SuperAntiSpyware folder under C:\Program Files (x86), you can just delete that folder.

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