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Just added to my spyware site

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Welcome to the SAS forum.

I just had a quick glance at your site. It's tidy and an easy read.


First Step :

Backup your system if possible in case you lose data. Download, install and scan with the fully featured StopZilla. This will likely be all you need. However, if you still have an issue, move on to the next step.

It's "unlikely" that it will be all one needs. No tech working on an infected computer would run just one antimalware program. Reason being, no one product will catch all infections and many infections show no visible clue to the average user.

Step Four :

Download AVG Anti Virus and install it. This may take some time as it's the largest download/application of the bunch here. It also takes the longest to scan. But if you made it this far in this little tutorial and you're still having problems, you need to install and run it.

I've been visiting professional malware removal forums for years, and yours is the first I've seen that suggests installing AVG to remove infections.

Most already have an antivirus (often AVG):rolleyes: Either way, I think most techs would agree that for a free AntiVirus, Avira, Microsoft Security Essentials, and Avast are better choices.

If the system already has an antivirus, then IMO instead of suggesting AVG, suggest the Eset NOD32 online scan.


As you know, many infected systems won't allow antimalware products to run. SAS addresses this through various means. Two of which are SAS Portable, and the SAS Online Scan:



Enjoy the site:)

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Wow, thanks a bunch Seth!

Great and helpful info, I'll pour over your suggestions and make some changes. Right on, on the verbiage, I should have written that differently on the first step. Also, I didn't realize there were so many good alternatives to AVG. I'll check them out.

Thanks again!

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SUPERAntiSpyware's virus are updated several times a week,and generally receives a build update once a month. It is specifically designed to be compatible with other security applications, and therefore can be used even when those other applications are incompatible with anti-spyware products.


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Hi All !

Yesterday my system got infected with about:blank virus attached to my internet explorer browser. I tried different ways for more than 3-4 hours in vein. After that someone on net suggested me SUPERAntispyware. I downloaded it and gor it run. It detected lot of spywares, malware, adwares etc. and asked me whether to remove them . Once i clicked ok all of them were removed. Thank God !!! the 'about:blank' virus also was gone, which was preventing me from making google my home page. Now iam able to make google my home page without any problem.

A big Thanks ! to SUPERAntispyware team !!!

Thanks and regards,

MV Manojkumar.

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