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SAS Language Update Anomaly between x84 and x64 systems

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There is a discrepancy/bug in the "Check for Updates" process on x64 systems versus x86 systems using SAS as it pertains to checking for updates to the Language files stored C:\Progam Files\Superantispyware\Languages. The 64-bit updater does not check for revisions to the Language files. Below is a way to verify/test this bug.

1. Delete all the .lng files except the desired language in folder C:\Program Files\SuperAntiSpyware\Languages on an x64 system and an x86 system.

2. Run "Check for Updates" via the right click menu option of the SAS icon in the Notifications Tray.

An x86 system will respond that updates are available for all the deleted language files; an x64 system will respond that no updates are available.

To be honest, I personally prefer that the updater only checks the default/selected language file and pays no attention to the fact that all available languages are not present in the Language folder. Inasmuch as hundreds of third party programs have several language options, these .lng files can add up to thousands of unnecessary/unused language files on users' systems. I would prefer that SAS only install/update the user selected language. OR as a bare minimum, not check for updates for languages that are NOT found in the Language folder.

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