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Memory Usage vs. Spysweeper + features

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I purchased SAS as it seems like a good value, and the lifetime updates are great. I am playing with the program on a vista rc2 machine that I don't use often.

On average, SAS is using about 35-40 megs of ram, averaging about 37 from the time I do a cold boot. In comparison, spysweeper is using (at present, not scanning):

Spysweeper. exe - 4,516

SopysweeperUI - 6,536

ssu.exe - 4,512

I believe these are the running processes with Spysweeper. This is a total of 15,564 vs. about 37 for SAS. I am NOT complaining in any way about the additional 21-22 megs of ram, just curious as to whether this is normal and if SAS is in fact doing something from a protection standpoint that Spysweeper is not, accounting for the difference.

I would also like to know, just for info, if SAS provides a similar level of protection as SS with the 15 shields and rootkit scanning, etc..? I can't seem to find much detailed info on Nick's website as to specific features, (maybe just not seeing it). Thanks.

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