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Nick, I owe you an apology

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...And I also owe you thanks. Around the beginning of the year, Lanzdown helped me with a trojan problem and after that Corinne contacted you because I had a question about Superantispyware's possibly having a conflict with MBAM. This being a different site from Corinne's, I was expecting an email answer from you that never came. I figured that you thought my question was too stupid and I ought to know the answer, and I gave up.

Well, today I have had to beg Lanzdown to help me again with a trojan, and I happened to look at my old thread there about Superantispyware and discovered that you had answered me, on that thread. I never thought to check there at the time. I guess Corinne and someone else thanked you for me, and I, the seeming ingrate, wrote not a word. I am very sorry and want to thank you because the answer you gave is entirely satisfactory.



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