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Virus creates duplicte folder into folder

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I am a teenage malware specialist,recently i discovered a much harmful virus into computer i named it a folder virus now i describe about it.It is a virus which creates a duplicate folder into same folder.For example there is a folder named as doom virus will create "doom.exe" into doom.This virus copies it from one computer to other very fastly.

Effects of this virus.

It will block your access to antiviral websites over internet.

it will block task manager.

it will block registry editor.

it will block security center.

it will block antivirus installation.

it will create junk files into windows drive.

It will spread into all folders and drives.

Detection:and rermoval:

The size of this virus is "308kb".

Use full system scan with SUPERANTISPYWARE,OR Avira premium securitty 10

Or format your whole sysytem.

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