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Malware Removal Procedure

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Hello fellow malware destroyers.

Please post comments on my malware removal procedure, while noting that some systems/infections require an alteration in the procedure depending on the type and severity of infection. Also note that that the following procedure is partially due to running a computer repair business.

1) Customer is using one of the "Big Three" Antivirus apps and questions why they were infected when they have an antivirus program.

2) Explain "Targeting", "Layered Protection", and that no one antivirus program is 100% effective. If explained properly, the customer will almost always agree to alternate security.

3) Remove current antivirus, optimize msconfig, and run CCleaner (disable recycle bin and cookie deletion before running CC)

4) Boot into Safe Mode With Networking and run SAS.

5) Re-boot and run MB.

6) Re-boot into Safe Mode With Networking and run ComboFix.

7) Install Avira, activate SAS Pro, and suggest a quick scan with MB once a week.

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