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SAS Pro Stopped working

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SAS Pro stopped working saying application error while attempting to scan my computer. I tried it two times and both times got the same message that SAS had stopped working.

How do I fix this.

I have Vista 64 bit with all updates.

I had a problem a few weeks ago saying my subscription had expired even though I have a lifetime subscription and I had to reinstall it.




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Are you running SAS Pro V4.41.1000? If not, you should upgrade to this latest version. Because you are experincing a problem, I recommend that you use the following procedure to upgrade:

1. Shut down SAS Pro completely

2. Using Control Panel>Program and Features, uninstall SAS Pro

3. Reboot

4. Download and save on your desktop, the 64-bit Uninstaller Assistant from the link below.


5. Run the Uninstaller Assistant. A reboot will be required. (You can delete this uninstaller from your desktop after the reboot if you want.)

6. After the reboot, perform a search on C:\ drive for all folders containing the word SuperAntiSpyware and delete these folders

7. Perform a search on your C:\ drive for all folders containing the word SASCore and delete these folders.

8. From the link below, download and install the latest SAS Pro V4.41.1000.


9. Register and activate SAS Pro

10. Run the LiveUpdate to obtain the latest core/trace definitions

11. Set up your desired settings

12. Run a Complete Scan of your system.

If the scan does not complete, post back here the exact error that occurs.

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