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Is there a chance SAS will ever become SAV and/or SIS?

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First of all, I apologize if I have opened this thread in the wrong place. I wasn't quite sure where to lodge this enquiry.

I was just wondering something.

I've been using SAS Pro for about a year now, couldn't be happier with the product.

I was just wondering if SuperAntiSpyware is looking to become SuperAntiVirus and/or SuperInternetSecurity.

I'd certainly buy both if they were to come available.

I like that SAS doesn't bog down my system even with real-time protection enabled. Seeing a Antivirus and/or Internet Security follow the same quality would be magnificent : ) Don't get me wrong, I love the combination of both SAS Pro and Eset Smart Security as frankly they kickass and neither bog down my system but I was just wondering.

I apologize if I've missed any threads or announcements regarding this.

Thank you

Kind regards,


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