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Constant Disk IO

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Is it normal for there to be constant disk io? When SAS is running, SASCore64.exe is constantly reading and writing to my disk. This is showing up in Process Explorer. It shows SASCore64.exe constantly reading and writing in chunks of 15-30 MB.


The strange thing about this is, the disk io does not show up in Resource Monitor.


If I shut down SuperAntiSpyware, the disk io disappears in Process Explorer.


Any ideas?

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Using Process Explorer, I checked this on my Windows 7 x64 Professional system and it is not occurring on my system with SAS PRO V4.41.1000. I'm assuming that you have confirmed that SAS or some other security program on your system is NOT doing a scheduled scan of your system when you see this I/O of SASCore64.

I recommend the following:

1. Close down SAS completely.

2. Uninstall SAS via Control Panel>Programs and Features

3. Reboot

4. Then download and run the Uninstaller Assistant https://www.superantispyware.com/downloads/SASUNINST64.EXE which will also do a reboot. (This is to ensure that the SASCore64 driver is removed.)

5. After the reboot, do a search of your C:\ drive for any folders containing the name SuperAntiSpyware and then SASCore. Remove any folders found.

6. Download and install SAS V4.41.1000 from www.superantispyware.com

Does the problem still exist? If so, you should submit a Customer Support Request at https://www.superantispyware.com/precreateticket.html

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