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Minimize to system tray icon when scanning

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I'm not new to these forums, however I've made a new account and this is my first post :)

I may have brought this up in the past however I can't remember as I've been inactive on the forums for quite some time.

Dear all,

I've been using SuperAntiSpyware for about a year now (Give or take!) and frankly it's top protection among my other protection software.

I've been noticing for a while now (Haven't really cared) that SUPERAntiSpyware doesn't have an implemented "Minimize to system tray" feature when scanning. I can't say I'm deterred without this feature but I believe it could be an important possibly vital feature.

I'm unsure to whether this suggestion has been forwarded prior to my submission.

Just my two cents worth :P

Thank you

Enjoy your day.

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