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CD causing SAS PRO to Spike CPU 40% every Second or So

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Am running Windows XP SP2 HE, 2.6 ghertz P4, 1.5 gbyte DRAM, SAS PRO V3.5.1016, NIS 2007, SSM V2.3.0.612, TrojanHunter V4.6.930, SAS AS V7.5.0.50. SAS PRO, TrojanHunter, NIS 2007, SSM have realtime protection active. Typically, SAS PRO spikes memory every so often at about 2%...nothing of corncern. I have a CDR drive and a CR-RW/DVD combo drive.

This morning I upgraded to MS Office 2007 from MS Office 2003 using the Bit Locker download from Circuit City. I had it create a CD from the download which is 291 mbytes in size. An autorun.inf is also installed on CD by Bit Locker.

After upgrading Office, etc., I wanted to check the backup CD to ensure it was okay. On inserting the CD, SAS PRO starting spiking the CPU 40-45% every second or so and the autorun.inf did not open after 3-5 minutes. I exited SAS PRO, removed the CD, and restarted SAS PRO fresh. The CPU 40-45% started immediately and continued. The only way to stop the spiking was to reboot.

After the reboot, I closed SAS PRO, inserted the CD and the autorun.inf started okay. I stopped it, removed the CD, and restarted SAS. The 40% spiking by SAS started immediately. Again the only way to stop it was to reboot.

Any idea as to what is causing this? It certainly is annoying. I use Process Explorer to monitor what is going on. Only SAS is spiking during all this.

Additional Info: I tried the store bought CD for MS Office 2003 and the above problem DOES NOT occur.

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I see the same thing when my system is idle. Quite annoying.

TaskManger points to SuperAntiSpyware.exe as the culprit.

Disabling the realtime protection stops the continuous 1 second CPU spikes.


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