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rogue antivirus

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I have used Super Antispyware for several months, will little issue. However, about two weeks ago, my computer started acting like it had a virus. So far I have traced it to a Rogue antivirus program that hijacked the real Super Antispyware program. Efforts to rid the machine of this malware have proved extremely difficult as each time I tried to run SAspyware, it replicated itself again. i have uninstalled, deleted the machine version of the program, and have had several other programs "find" the malware, only to have it again run on the next reboot. I can not regain control of my browsers as they automatically send me to a host of bogus sites. Has anyone else encountered this??

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I have, what is probably, the worst "infection" from this Rogue.SecurityEssentials2010 (SE2010). Even my O/S is useless in some ways. I have lost FireFox (will not reinstall), on-line banking, SASPro (when I attempted to reinstall, I lost the entire security vault log, and it will not reinstall), Avast (was able to reinstall), some photo software (that will not reinstall), MacroMedia Flash Player, and some things I will not post here. I cannot System Restore, because the restore point has been limited to only 1 or 2 days previous - that won't get me back to 082710. So...

...Try this link:


The instructions seem to be extremely fine-tuned. I found the link on cnet.com's security forum. I am waiting to hear from the Topic Moderator, before I try all that are recommended.

SAS' Customer Service tried but did not seem to understand the extent to which my computer is "infected", and therefore, their suggestions became ever more bizarre. The best to you.

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