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Install Error on Windows XP

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Hi Everyone,

Has anyone ever come across this error on an XP machine before? I can't even install SuperAntiSpyware because the install aborts itself at the point where it tries to create a shortcut.

I get the error "Error creating shortcut, installation aborted"

I tried to login as the as a regular user, and as SysAdmin in normal and Safe Mode. Same error every time.

Any suggestions on how I can get past this?



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Thanks, Seth. I tried it again using the alternate Install EXE and it gave me the same error.

Install Error: "Error creating shortcuts, aborting installation." Right after the initial copying of files...a few seconds into the installation.

I have a feeling that the spyware/adware/malware that may already be on the machine is prohibiting SAS from installing.

The Unistall EXE didn't do anything, because SAS was never successfully installed. I still tried it though...as a last resort. No good...

Any other thoughts? Thanks!


Welcome to the SAS forum Casey.

I've never seen that particular shortcut error.

Please use the SAS Uninstaller Assistant from here:


Then download and attempt to install the alternate version of the install package:


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