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SAS running slow with update on multiple of PC - Need assistance

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First I like SAS, it does a good job with removing spyware. Unfortunately when I click "update" it can take from 10 -30 mins to update. Processor speed goes to 100%, other applications either freeze up or move extremely slow (30-60secs for a window to come up). Start up time is bad as well. I have this issue on three PC, PC Descriptions are below. I've searched the forum and have followed some of the advice (e.g. make sure "first chance prevention is not enabled"), yet I'm not seeing a difference. Below are the PC stats and issues.

Dell Latitude D610

OS - Windows XP Professional

FW - McAfee

CPU - Intel Pentium 1.8 Ghz

Ram - 2 GB


1. Slow start up

2. SAS takes 10-15 mins to update

3. Processor speeds goes to 100 % and other applications freeze up

4. If SAS canceled (i.e. not allowed to finish), software applicaitons all run slow (e.g. MS IE takes 30-45 secs to come up, MS Office products & Adobe take 1-3 minutes to open, etc)

5. Computer is "sluggish".

Local PC Shop Built

OS - Windows XP

FW - McAfee

CPU - Dual Processor 2.4 Ghz

Ram - 4 GB


1. SAS takes 8-10 minutes to update

2. Applications run sluggish after running SAS (e.g. Browsers, MS Office, etc)

Local PC Shop Built Old

OS - Windows 2000

FW - McAfee

CUP - 1.1 Ghz

Ram - 1.5 Gig

1. Slow start up

2. Updates take 10 - 30+ minutes (note done on a weekly basis)

3. CPU runs at 100%

4. Other applicaitons shut down or don't respond

Note all three computes have Spybot S & D which runs quickly and well. McAfee runs at normal speed for FW and Adware detection.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

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What version of SAS are you running? If you are not running V4.40.1002, you should update to this latest version.

Are you using a proxy?

What type of internet connection do you have...dial-up, DSL, cable + speed of the connection?

Have you checked McAfee firewall to ensure that it is not blocking the SuperAntispwyare software?

What you are experiencing is definitely not normal. You should create a Customer Service Request ticket and allow the SAS gurus to help you resolve this issue.


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