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SAS broken after update

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About a week ago I went to update my SAS (FREE edition) install via the usual "Check for Updates" option, and it notified me that a new version was available. So I went ahead and proceeded to go ahead with the update and it continued to do this automatically as expected..

However SAS did not reload after the update so I went to open it from the Start Menu and got "Windows is searching for SuperAntiSpyware.exe" browsing message as though the file wasn't there...The target for this Start Menu Entry is: ""C:\Program Files\Security\SuperAntiSpyware\SUPERAntiSpyware.exe" but the file doesn't exist.

So then I went to the folder itself and double-clicked RUNSAS.exe and it gives me the message: "Unable to locate SuperAntiSpyware Program Files"...The same message appears if I choose the alternate start.

I guess something went wrong during the update so is a re-install required here? If so I have a couple of questions:

1. Do I have to uninstall it before the re-install?

2. If so whats the best way to uninstall via Add/Remove or SASUNIST.exe I need to make sure the quarantine objects get removed obviously and don't leak back into the system!

Thanks for a great product and sorry for the long post I guess the more detail the better! :)

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Welcome to the SAS forum Tornado.

Uninstall via Add/Remove and you'll get the option to save or delete the Quarantine/Logs.

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Hi Seth,

Thanks for the reply and welcome :)

I uninstalled via the suggested method..it did not ask about the quarantine although i'm not sure there was anything in there tbh which could explain that.

Anyhow I noticed it left behind some files still in the folder including SASCore SASUnist Languages folder and some files with random letters (I think these were alt start exe's)..anyway I just deleted these manually and re-installed and everything is working fine now just thought i'd provide an update incase it helped anyone in the future!

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