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Unexpected Windows Shutdown

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My PC is a 15 month-old HP a6603w running Vista Home Premium 32 bit, SAS Pro, Spybot and Vipre Premium. It has had SAS Pro installed since day one. This morning, I discovered that my PC had shut itself down overnight and was waiting for me to enter the password. Upon password entry, I received this message from Windows: "Windows recovered from an unexpected shutdown." The PC continued to reboot normally until the SAS logo came up and Windows asked me to allow SAS to continue. I clicked yes and several seconds later the PC shut down. I repeated this cycle several more times, getting more frustrated as time passed. Finally I started up in Safe Mode and did a system restore to 06 July. I then tried a regular restart. Still got same result - bootup and then shutdown after okaying SAS. Next bootup, I clicked on the details button and go this info. Problem event name: BlueScreen; OS Version:6.0.6002.; Locale ID: 1033. And the following codes: BC Code: f4; BCP1: 00000003; BCP2: 86B53D90; BCP3: 86B53EDC; BCP4: 82038710; OS Version: 6.0.6002; Service Pack2_0; Product: 768_1. At this point, I ran chkdsk /f and chkdsk /r. Then did a normal startup. No change - same shutdown and BlueScreen message. I did some Google searches and came up with a forum discussion about an antivirus program causing this for several Vista users. (The antivirus mentioned was not SAS.) Next I did a virus scan with Spybot. It found nothing. Finally in desperation, I put 1 and 1 together, hoping to end up with 2. I restarted in Safe Mode, went to Administrative Tools > System Configuration and removed SAS, Itunes and a Carbonite advertising popup from auto start status. Now the PC is working fine. However, I no longer have my old friend SAS Pro to greet me each morning with some spyware to delete. I would be interested in hearing from forum readers and/or SAS management on next steps, suggestions for a permanent fix, etc. This has been a frustrating day. And right now, I am afraid to start up SAS Pro again. Help!!!

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