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I have run SAS 20 times trying to get rid of the gamevance in my registry. I uninstalled this program, but it put itself into the registry and I just got this windows 7 computer and I can't find the registry at all. I also have cookies tht aer not showing up in a file that SAS is saying they are in. I have run 3 other registry cleaners that didn't help. Would the paid version of SAS help more. I am so frustrated just spent 2.5 hours trying fix this and got no where. My restore point on my computer does not go back far enough(how is that even possible ???) and I have no way to turn off the restore function- it is probably hiding in there ,ARRGHH .

Please help

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Hi Jolieo.

Here's info on regedit:


To the best of my knowledge, most antimalware programs will remove the actual threats, but leave behind some benign registry. Reason being, it significantly reduces update and scanning time.

Other than the registry, is there any indication that the infection remains?

Update SAS by right clinking on its Notification tray Icon (the yellow beetle), then click on Check For Updates. Run a full scan, then post the log by going into SAS's Preferences-->Statistics/Logs.

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