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SAS will not load

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I have SAS Professional running under Windows 7. It will not start up with Windows. I have the box checked for start up and it is listed in the start up folder but, when ever I reboot, it is not running. I read something about this on the web site and ran the two programs that were supposed to address this problem but, it still will not load. Has anyone here run into this? Is there a cure for this problem?

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Welcome to the SAS forum Jay.

I don't recall seeing any posts with that particular issue. Give this a try:

1) Close down SAS from the notification area.

2) Go to the program files from the Windows 7 start button on the bottom left.

3) Open the SAS folder, right click on "SuperAntiSpyware Professional" and choose "Run as Administrator".

4) Confirm that SAS's "Start When Windows starts" option is selected.

5) Restart the computer and see what happens:)

If that doesn't work, uninstall and reinstall SAS using the following SAS uninstall assistant:


If SAS still doesn't start following the above, then you might have malware on the system or another program is preventing SAS from running at startup.

BTW- Can you please post the threads you referred to?

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