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I perform a full system scan every week with Superantispyware and normally the only thing it finds are adware tracking cookies, which I then remove.

However on my last scan 2 other things were found.

Firstly, Superantispyware found several Adware.Flash tracking cookies. I have quarantined them, but am wondering if these items are dangerous, or are they similar to regular adware tracking cookies? Now that they are quarantined is my computer safe from the treat of these?

Secondly, the other item found was 'Disabled Security Centre Option'. The extra detail of this stated as follows: '2 Registry Keys'. 'HKLM/Software/MicrosoftSecurityCenter/AntiVirusDisableNotify'. I have absolutely no idea what this is and am concerned that my computer is infected. The item is unchecked in the scan so is not placed in quarantine, and therefore shows up as a found item in every subsequent scan. Is this item dangerous? Can I remove it via the quarantine process or will compromise my computer and its security? Or is the item not dangerous and can simply be left alone?

I would be grateful if you could answer both of the above questions as soon as possible as I am concerned about my computers security.

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jf33, i don't think that either of the two things that you asked about, flash cookies and the security center setting, are anything to worry about..

you can adjust the windows "security center" settings by going to windows "control panel" and opening "security center".. you will see an option there for adjusting the settings for "change the way security center alerts me".. you can enable or disable the various alerts.. SAS is telling you that one of the alerts is disabled.. so, that is not malware.. it is just telling you that one of the alerts, in windows "security center", is disabled..

i don't know much about "flash tracking cookies" but they are nothing to worry about..

i assume that you use an antivirus program.. if you are not using one, you should.. if you are concerned that you might have some malware on your computer, you should scan your computer with an antivirus program.. there are many different ways that you can do that, using programs from many different vendors.. most antivirus program vendors have online-scanners that you could use, if you wanted to, to scan your computer.. there are other ways that you could scan your computer, too, using "rescue cd's", from various vendors, if you wanted to..

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