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Italian Translation

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Hello all,

any chance to improve italian translation file?

In last version many descriptions are in english language.

I've translated all the texts in the original file, without results. Probably they are missing, so no translation is available.

Please let me know in which way I can have a full language file to translate.

Unfortunately until today no feedback about this.

Best regards

Italiano (IT).txt

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The tranaltion (italian) is already available since 08/02/2012.

Please check the thread


I already discuss for a long time with SAS developer that conisder that interface is not a high pririty task.

I explained that is current italian language is very bad (mix of english and google translation from english).

I already sent also the screenshoot with all problem in GUI (many terms are not tranalted in teh interface and are not available in language fiel).

But no changes.

Developpers continue to develop without any intention to change the things about UI.

At this state is better to have only english language.

There is no sense to have other language if the GUI is not upfdated and the language is bad.

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