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Update Page Keeps showing up

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Hi all,

I am new to this forum and I would like some help regarding a minor but slightly annoying issue with SAS.

I did an update to the latest version of the free edition as of yesterday and ever since then, whenever I switch on my computer, at the end of boot up or sometimes during boot up, my internet explorer window just pops up with the SuperAntiSpyware update logs page. (The usual we get when we do a version update).

This is strange as all my previous updates just ended with the updates page in the browser popping up just once and this time its happening everytime I start windows and when SAS starts.

This is not really a big issue as it's just a window popping up upon every windows boot but it does get very irritating at times and slows down my windows startup slightly. How do I fix this?

Thanks alot in advance! :)


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Completely uninstall SAS and then re-install it.

- Be sure that you are signed on with an account that has full administrator privileges

- Close down SAS from running

- Remove SAS via Control Panel>Programs and Features (or Control Panel>Add and Remove Programs for XP or older)

- Reboot

- Do a search on your C drive for SASCORE and delete any folder with the name SASCORE

- Do a search on your C drive for SuperAntiSpyware and delete any folder that contains SuperAntiSpyware in the folder name.

- Ensure that you have internet connectivity

- Re-Install V4.90.1002.

- Let it download the new core/trace updates

- Setup your preferences.

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