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SAS NOT Updating Defs on Both Desktops

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HP dc5100 MT/ intel p4/3.2mhz/915GV motherboard/160G HD/2 Gig RAM/48x32


Win 32 Bit XP PRO SP1/sun Java 1.4.2_19 w/ Sea Monkey 1.1.19 w/NoScript/Rising v.10 FreeAV/FreeSAS/FreeMBAM/ Foxit Reader/CCleaner/Wired D-Link Router/

Cable Modem Internet 485 kps./ERUNT back up for registry.jv16 Power Tools. 2 Users w/ 1 desktop Profile each.

Currently using SAS v. 4.37.100 which has generally worked fine. Have reverted back to this after many re&re of v.4.38.1004 which would hang both program & machine while in mid manual update after install. Only Task Mgr could stop (as set).Until now have always used the full un-install/SAS removal tool/CCleaner/reboot/install new version/reboot & then update method. 4.38.1004 was first try at over writing during install. Also tried my normal method for this but results same over 4 installs/reinstalls. Don't mind waiting for next version fixes.

SAS set for all users (hers & mine) but updating normally done thru my desktop profile (by manual) daily. I just noticed (for the first time in years of use) that after updating SAS via my desktop, that the new defs (core & trace) are not recorded/shown as current if I switch users and open SAS via her desktop. Last I looked, her GUI showed defs about 2 months old v/s my current ones. It's as if her SAS is separate from mine on this machine.

If I update via hers, hers will show new core & trace #'s.

Any ideas why? Not sure, but don't believe this was the case over several previous versions. Thanks for your thoughts! Sandy ?:|:D

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Well... If no one seems to have any ideas re this story, then at least can someone tell me about the following:

Since the 2 SAS's seem somewhat separated, When I run complete scan from her desktop (with OLD core & trace showing)

is it using newer C&T from my updated desktop or the ones she's showing? Is it in fact scanning her docs etc plus ALL of mine? Or Conversely, when I run full scan from mine (wth new C&T), are ALL Her files also being scanned or only the ones in common, by-passing her settings & documents?

These questions seem silly as all should be scanned & both should be using the newest C&T but since hers doesn't see them, I wonder...Sandy

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Just an Update to inform those interested.

I have un-installed my reverted version, run Removal Tool, run CCleaner, rebooted & then proceeded to install

current new version of SAS Free v.4.39.1002. All of this proceeded without any warnings etc. Successful.

The new version is doing it's manual updating in the normal fashion without problem. Last v. wouldn't. Thank you!

However, the same apparent separation of updating each user desktop continues as before requiring updating each individually for both to show current Core & trace. During this install, I pointedly left both desktops "live"

(courtesy of fast user switching in XP Pro) which in the past I haven't, keeping only mine live during installs.

Made no difference apparently.

Perhaps during next new version, I'll try downloading & saving the new version to the "Shared folder" and run install from there rather than my current habit of downloading to my "my docs" and launching from there.

Might make a difference? I can only wonder. Thanks for reading. Sandy :-)

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