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I can't install a new version

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If someone could help with this i'll very much appreciate it.

I have old version and want to upgrade to the new one -

However, i simply can't?!I try everything...disable UAC,download SAS uninstaller,

remove any possible leftovers in registry,disable and close my firewal and antivirus program.

This is a screenshot of the problem.



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Welcome to the SAS forum Wises.

Well it looks to me like either an infection or security software is preventing SAS from registering that DLL.

Are you using Vista or 7, and is it 32 or 64 bit?

V4.38 will install from Safe Mode/Safe Mode With Networking, so give that a try.

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Thanks Seth - I'll try to install it from Safe Mode as you suggested.

I'm using W7 32bit.If no hearing from me than it's O.K.

However - if i come back than you're in trouble :-D

LoL- Thanks again!


Well, i try but still without success :-(

I have no infected files in my system.I perform a full scan of my PC with

Kaspersky IS 2010 and old version of SAS - and nothing found.

I was wondering - maybe the issue is in this,but i really dunno what

the hell is going on :angry:

Device Manager - View - Show hidden devices - Non-Plug and Play Drivers:

I found 3 devices which is in correspondence with SAS Free Edition:

All devices is working properly.

SASDIFSV -Start Up Type - System

SASENUM -Start Up Type - Demand

SASKUTIL -Start Up Type - System

SBKUPNT - this one start up automaticaly and it's in system 32 dir.


I'm not sure for this one?! Probably is not in relation to SAS.

The question is: Should i delete them before i delete the old version of SAS?

Sorry for bothering you but i just don't wanna another malware software except SAS. :rolleyes:

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Sorry for delay Seth...i dunno if this i finded by "mistake" but it solved my problem. 8)

So,it was like this...hm..

Start-type "Edit"in a Search box-find "Edit group policy"-go to: "Administrative Templates"-"All Settings"-double click and find "Always install with elevated privileges"-right click-Edit-select "Enabled"-OK.

After i install the new version of SAS succesfully i go back and select "Not Configured",as was before.

And - it works! I have an admin.privileges ,however,but how come that i must elevate it to install SAS?


You're welcome:)

Those SAS files from your previous post should be of no consequence, and the file SBKUPNT.SYS relates to a program called SwissKnife.

At this point I suggest you submit a customer support request and the SAS developers will assist you:


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