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Tray Icon: Request For Enabled/Disabled Indicator

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I've brought this up in the past but never got a reply one way or the other.

It would really be helpful to have the tray icon either turn red or have a slash through it (or something similar, such as saying "disabled" or "enabled" when the mouse hovers) so that we know the status of our real-time protection.

Virtually all other security software that operates in real-time offers such a visual aid and I'm hoping that SAS will also provide us with the same in the near future.

What say you?

Thanks in advance! B)

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It's on our list of UI enhancements to be completed :)

Thank you my friend. I thought it might be since I brought it up last year but I figured there was no harm in following up.

Will make an excellent product even better (imho). 8)

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