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Right-Click Scan Option?

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I have Windows 7 H.P. x64 with the SAS Pro installed. I have gone through the menu and enabled the "Display Scan Option in Right-Click Menu," etc., but to no avail. Is this an option that is unavailable in this version of Windows? I've had this particular problem on multiple installs on the same system--each time, this option never worked, which is why I'm guessing it isn't an option...

Thanks in advance.

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The public release version of SAS free and SAS PRO are not fully 64-bit compatible. This is the reason you do not have right click scanning on your x64 system. There is a pre-release version 4.90.1060 that is currently being tested which is fully x64 compatible. If you want to try it on your system, you can download and install if from the SuperAntiSpyware Pre-Release section of this forum. You have to be signed onto the forum to have access to that section of the forum.

IF you decide to try the pre-release, be sure to fully uninstall V4.37 before installing the pre-release version.

1. Close down SAS completely

2. Go to Control Panel>Programs and Features and uninstall SAS

3. Reboot

4. Go to the link below and download the special uninstaller assistant. Save it on your desktop.


5. Run the special uninstaller assistant. It will require a reboot.

6. After the reboot, do a SEARCH for any folders with the name SUPERANTISPYWARE. Delete any folders with the name SUPERANTISPYWARE.

7. Then install the pre-release V4.90.1060.

JFI, I have the pre-release version running on Windows 7 x86 and x64 Professional with no problems.

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Thanks. That's kinda what I had thought. I did see the pre-release, but I'm funny about those (bad experience in the past--not from SAS, but you get the idea), so I'll wait for the official blended installer. Thanks also for the set of instructions. I'll do just that when the release goes official.

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