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need 2 restore/get files out of quarantine

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so i used the program quarantined some files, rebooted and now i am fairly sure one of those files was a .DLL file that works to keep programs running as now i cant run programs.

all i get when i try to 'system restore' is " choose the program u want to open this file" and the same is so for when trying to run all other programs

so i cant system restore as i cant use programs, went in safe mode and same thing.

what i need to know, is there a hidden or similar folder were is can find the quaranatined files?

anyway to fix this?


MUCH Apreciated :)

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Hi Dan.

Double click the SAS icon near the time and click on Manage Quarantine. You can then highlight the file and choose Restore.

Programs not opening can be easily fixed, but I'll need to know what version of Window's you're using.

Once the above is complete, I'll have some further suggestions for you.

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