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Mike D

FreePOPs Detected as "Trojan.Agent/Gen-UsrMgr.Process"

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I am a registered SAS Pro user. I also happen to use a free POP3 program - FreePOPs, which allows me to download my Hotmail and Yahoo email accounts via Outlook (it converts from webmail/http format into POP3 format). I have been using SAS Pro for several months now and Freepops for several years, up to this point without any conflict. I've just finished doing a fresh install of WinXP Pro on my PC, along with reinstalling all my programs - SAS has shown the new system installation as being issue free - but starting today, SAS keeps detecting freepopsservice.exe and freepopsd.exe, both required services for Freepops, as a Trojan.Agent/Gen-UsrMgr.Process.

I've unquarantined freepopsservice.exe & freepopsd.exe in SAS, added the .exe's to Allowed Items and the Freepops folder to Excluded folders. However, each time I attempt to restart the Freepops services or reboot the PC, SAS continues to detect and quarantine them in both First Chance Prevention and Scheduled Scans. Each time I go in and confirm that the files/folder is still set to Allowed, which SAS says it is, but the cycle continues. I appreciate any help anyone can give me with this.


OS: Win XP Pro, SP3

SAS Ver 4, 35, 0, 1002

FreePOPs ver 0.2.9 (see www.freepops.org for more info).

Any other info needed?

Thank you, Mike D.

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Make sure you report it via the built-in false positive reporting.

Thank you for your response...I did.


Mike D.

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