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sas free win 7 explorer restarts

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hi i am using sas free and win 7 32 bit. A fe mins in after starting a scan on the C drive, windows will come up with an error for internet explorer, saying it is going to restart. The error isnt the internet browser but with windows taskbar. The whole taskbar disappears and reloads. Is there something wrong ? It started doing this after an update a few weeks ago.


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What version of SAS free are you running? If you are not using V4.34.1000, please upgrade and see the problem still exists.

The symptoms you describe sound like it is Windows Explorer that is aborting and restarting. Yes, there is something wrong if SAS scanner is causing this to happen.

What other security programs are you running?

I recommend that you uninstall SAS free and re-install it. Then see if the SAS scan results in the same bad behavior.

- Go to the link below and download the SAS special uninstaller. Save it on your desktop.


- Close down SAS totally.

- Run SASUNINST.EXE. A reboot will occur.

- Re-install V4.34.1000

- You can delete SASUNINST.EXE from your desktop

- Perform a Complete Scan with SAS.

If re-installing does not resolve the problem, it is best to contact the SAS Customer Support and let the SAS gurus help you resolve the issue.


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