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Registration Help Please!

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I Was using the FREE Version of Superantispyware and Decided to upgrade to Pro AND Lifetime. I Paid for it through Paypal and have the Confirmation reciept. That was 7 hours ago.(This Websight said it should take only 10 minutes if paypal is used).I Wrote to Support on This board,but the Status still says it has not been read yet! Now, I'm thinking maybe i should have kept the FREE Version? I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. dO I NEED TO UN-INSTALL the trial Version First? I Right clicked the "BUG" but i have NO License number to enter. Advice,Help PLEASE!! Thank you in Advance! Ray..

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Hi Ray, sorry you're having a problem.

Have you checked your junk mail folder to see if there's an email with your registration code?

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